O’Rourke Petroleum Partners with Noil Corp Inc. and Commits to Spend over $100 Million a Year. Businesses around the country will benefit from better fuel and lubricant management to save millions as O’Rourke Petroleum Partners with Noil Corp Inc..

OChicago, Illinois – May 17, 2018 – O’Rourke Petroleum partners with Noil Corp Inc. and in their joint efforts, O’Rourke vows to spend a sum of over $100 million every year. While this is a great joint effort by two of the most well-known petroleum and fuel products and service providers of the country, it is even greater news for the businesses that rely heavily on the consumption of petroleum products.

With O’Rourke Petroleum committing to such a significant sum, it is clear that industries spending millions of dollars every year in environmental service reliance, and fuel and lubricant products will be able to save a huge sum. O’Rourke’s fleet fueling and lubricant analysis services will reach to the furthest and the farthest corners of the country as it shakes hands with one of the most recognized names providing high-quality fuel and fuel management services to the aviation, land and marine industries.

O’Rourke will help companies analyze their lubricant needs and the quality of lubricants that they are already using. This will help industries avoid the detrimental losses that can amount to millions of dollars every year. While it is the equipment that gets the blame, in the end, bad choice of lubricants or improper lubrication plays the major role in cost industries such huge losses.

The company also has the most innovative equipment to provide onsite flee fueling services. When companies need their fleets fueled at their sites, it is companies like O’Rourke Petroleum that have the equipment to make that possible. More businesses will benefit from the environmental friendly services. Through detailed audits and inspections, these businesses will be able to know whether or not they are compliant with their governments’ codes when it comes to the management of waste products that form as a result of the oil, petrol and diesel consumption.

As a Noil Corp Inc. customer, O’Rourke will gain access to an even broader audience with its used oil collection, fleet fueling, and lubricant analysis services. With these two forces combining their powers to fuel the nation and improve their equipment performance, industries will become more energy efficient and their operations will become more budget friendly.

About Noil Corp Inc.

Noil Corp Inc. is one of the nation’s biggest petroleum products and services providers. In addition to the various high-quality gasoline and diesel products, the company has been offering a variety of price and fuel management programs to small and large sized businesses from various industries. The company has been around for more than 60 years and its current partnerships are an indication of its exponential growth and rate of expansion in the coming years.

About O’Rourke Petroleum

O’Rourke Petroleum is another well-recognized name in the nation that has been helping numerous industries for nearly 90 years with lubricant and fueling solutions. They help industries make the most of their equipment by helping them not only with the lubricating products but inspections and analytical services that identify the issues with their existing lubrication solutions.

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