It is an achievement for Noil Corp Inc. to be a member of API. The membership application process is quite rigorous due to the strict requirements of the association.

Chicago, Illinois – August 20, 2018 – Noil Corp Inc., a leading refueling solution provider in the US, has recently become a member of American Petroleum Institute, the biggest and most respected trade association of petroleum companies in the country – Noil Corp Inc. is now a part of the elite 600-member association. The members work together to form the basic framework of accreditation, training and safety standards in the petroleum industry.

As a respected member of American’s only trade association for petroleum companies, Noil Corp will help promote and fund the activities of the API. From laying out standards in petroleum extraction, production, and transportation, to representing the companies in legal proceedings, API represents every aspect of the natural gas and oil industry.

While expressing his delight for membership acceptance, Steve Neely, the president and CEO of Noil, said, “It is quite an achievement for us. Not only because we now sit with the largest and the finest oil and gas solution providers in the nation, but because we have the discipline to pass the strict API membership requirements to become a member of the association.”

Noil can now expect a positive impact and an even broader exposure around the country after its API membership. The satisfaction level among hundreds of thousands of Noil customers is also anticipated to elevate after the member announcement.

The publication of the membership will also gain the attention of potential customers looking for high-quality petroleum solutions. “We also believe that our achievement will be an inspiration for other small and midsized petroleum solution providers that strive to strengthen, promote, and protect the oil and gas industry in America,” said Steve Neely.

About Noil Corp Inc.

Noil Corporation has a 60-year tenure of serving the nation with the highest quality petroleum solutions. The company provides refueling solutions and delivers high-quality diesel and petrol at its customers’ doorsteps. In addition to refueling, Noil has also been a huge helping hand for companies within the Aviation, land, and marine sectors when it comes to price and fuel management. Noil’s price and fuel management combined with financing options have helped several of its customers become great businesses from the ground up.

About the American Petroleum Institute

American Petroleum Institute (API) represents the best oil and gas solution providers in the country as a national trade association. The organization has been around for more than 90 years, and along with its over 600 members, it represents an industry that provides jobs for more than 10 million Americans. The organization works to strengthen the oil and gas industry in the US and across borders. It engages in activities to promote the work of its members, shape up the standards of the industry, and represent them in legal arrangements.

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