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The members of our management team provide a depth of industry and operating experience that is fundamental to the success of Noil Petroleum Corporation.

Steve Neely

Steve is the founder, President, and CEO of Neely Industries, an industry leader in global telecom business strategies. As President and CEO of Skynet Communications, Steve was a master cellular dealer for Ameritech Cellular, later Verizon Wireless and utilized his rare skills of rolling out retail stores at a rapid pace. He was the first licensed cellular store in America, and he was solely responsible for launching the T-Mobile brand in the US beginning in Chicago. He was essentially given a blank check to launch the brand in the US and became known as “The $40 Billion Man” in reference to the $40 billion Dutch Telecom invested in T-Mobile. Steve has been nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (1995), is a member of the Executive Club of Chicago, and was appointed Governing Board Member of the International Film Festival and Cinema of Chicago.

Thomas Ross

Being Senior VP at Noil Petroleum Corp, the movement of distillates like fuel oil, crude oil, ULSD, etc. is in his hands. He works alongside energy heads of other large companies to manage trades of the distillates to bring in maximum profit margins into the company’s income stream. With a strong network of energy heads, Thomas works with national and international entities for driving business in the right direction. It is Thomas’ long years of experience and vast knowledge of not only the petroleum industry but many other facets of organizational management that earns him this valuable position at Noil Petroleum Corp. He has worked as a project manager and project planner in the most competitive environments for 10 years. His range of services spans across all the major industries such as IT systems, automotive, defense, marketing, manufacturing, etc.

Dennis J. Rogers

Dennis is the Distillate Trader at Noil, and what earns him this reputable position is not just his experience in the petroleum industry but the entrepreneurial qualities that make him a perfect addition to Noil Corp’s top personnel. He is an avid investor and a businessman. He studied finance and economics at the University of Texas and worked with World Trade Securities as a preparatory. He sells jet fuel, gasoline, heating oil and other fuel oils, and crude products. His recent contributions as an investor were when he helped Houston Gulf Energy Corporation raise more than $100 million. He also made contributions to a $30 million fund. It’s his insight as an investor and confidence in his knowledge that he maintains stakes at the same corporation, and also provides his valuable services as an advisory board member.

Richard J. Groeneweg 

Acting as an advisory for Noil Petroleum Corporation, Richard J. Groeneweg is the person with one of the most diversified and impressive portfolio. He is a sailor, a successful businessman, a leader, a happy husband and an inspiring father. He has dedicated 40 years of his life to the commercial lending, private equity placement, and investment banking industry. During his career, while serving some of the most reputable companies in the finance industry, he has given them nearly seven billion dollars of business. He was heading thirteen branch offices for Beneficial Finance Corporation during which time he set new records for audits, personnel management, controls and loan approvals. He served Beneficial Finance Corporation for 14 years before founding his own business called Mid-Valley Mortgage of Denver.

Ricky Henagan

Mr. Henagan brings over 28 years of oil, gas, and NGL marketing experience in small, medium, and large domestic oil and gas companies with clients including Graham Resources, Ocean Energy, Devon Energy, Leor Energy, Contango, Shoreline, Marquis, Juneau Energy, W&T Offshore, PetroQuest Energy, Saratoga Resources, Paradox Resources, and Lobo Operating. His experience includes negotiating and executing oil, gas, interconnect and sales contracts, NGL processing agreements, as well as pipeline economics and construction initiatives. Additionally, his experience also includes multiple energy related revenue, production allocation, and revenue regulatory positions. During the past 20 years, concentration on large scale contract negotiations with energy partners and commercial oil and gas pipelines have evolved including a network of industry contacts.

Jack Van Berkel

After completing his business administration education at San Diego State University, Jack Van Berkel has been on a trip of helping dozens of large corporations as an expert in a variety of organizational facets. He has never looked back since. He currently serves as an advisory at Noil Petroleum Corporation. In his career of 25 years, Jack has shown that he is the master of multiple trades with his services spanning across compensation and capital markets, human capital management, corporate strategy, organization development and executive management. Due to his diversified skills, he has been chosen to assist many Fortune 500 companies with their human resources functions that include but are not limited to staffing, benefits, compensation, employee relations, etc.

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