The members of our management team provide a depth of industry and operating experience that is fundamental to the success of Noil Corp Inc..

About Steve Neely, CEO & President

Few people can say that they know an industry inside-out—and Steve is one of them. He learned by doing: preparing payroll, placing orders, towing cars, and rebuilding engines; Steve has “been there, done that”.

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About Jing Chen, CFO

Jing Chen has been an excellent leader in finance. She not only performs the above duties diligently. She goes out of her way to achieve the apparently unachievable.

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About Pamela T. Miller

An important member of the fuel marketing and logistics team, Pamela T Miller has been working in the petroleum industry for over a decade with vast experience in the fuel business.

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About Richard J. Groeneweg, Advisory

Richard J. Groeneweg is the person with one of the most diversified and impressive portfolio. He is a sailor, a successful businessman, a leader, a happy husband and an inspiring father.

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About Craig J. Perkins, Senior VP

As Senior VP Craig works with a strong network of energy heads, as well as national and international entities for driving business in the right direction.

About Jack Van Berkel, Advisory

After completing his business administration education at San Diego State University, Jack Van Berkel has been on a trip of helping dozens of large corporations as an expert in a variety of organizational facets.

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