Potent Petroleum & Noil Corp Inc. PartnershipNoil Corp Inc. has been expanding its operations at a steady pace, and the latest contract with Potent Petroleum is a new milestone for the nation’s leading petroleum products and services company.

Houston, Texas – May 1, 2018 – Noil Corp Inc. hits a new milestone in its recent fast-paced growth and expansion as it signs a new contract with Potent Petroleum. The company will now penetrate deeper into the market with a vast network to deliver high-quality petroleum products and various fuel-efficient management services.

Noil Corp Inc. has remained one of the most reputable names in the country when it comes to high-quality gasoline and diesel products for more than 60 years. The company has one of the largest fuel distribution networks serving industries around the country.

One of the primary tasks for the company is to provide fuel-efficient solutions to businesses of all sizes.  A network of fuel distributers spread countrywide is a result of the company’s endeavors in recent years.

By partnering with another one of the country’s biggest petroleum services providers, Noil Corp Inc. has signed a contract involving over $100 million in spending every year. Potent Petroleum, a Texas-based company that has been providing petroleum solutions for more than six years will give Noil Corp Inc. further penetration into the market. It will allow the company to be even closer to Texas-based businesses in order to provide high-quality fuel products and a variety of fuel-efficient services.

Noil Corp Inc. is a recognized name because of the solutions that it tailors specifically for various business types. The company offers a custom fuel management program to help small and large businesses cope with the fluctuating cost in the fuel market that can often result in shutting businesses down.

The company offers a smart pricing program to help businesses bring down their costs of operation significantly. There is also a price management program in which the company provides a 360-degree solution to help businesses manage fuel consumption and increase their ROI.

While Potent Petroleum might not be the biggest fuel supplier in the country, it has been a source of petroleum supply for businesses in the local areas. The company has earned itself a name in Houston, Texas, for providing high-quality petroleum products for several years.

Customers will be the ones reaping the benefits from the new contract as Noil Corp Inc. will add even more value to the services that Potent Petroleum has been providing.

About Noil Corp Inc.

Noil Corp Inc. is one of the nation’s biggest petroleum products and services providers. In addition to the various high-quality gasoline and diesel products, the company has been offering a variety of price and fuel management programs to small and large sized businesses from various industries. The company has been around for more than 60 years and its current partnerships are an indication of its exponential growth and rate of expansion in the coming years.

About Potent Petroleum

Potent Petroleum is a provider of petroleum products in Houston, Texas. The company has served small and large businesses and individuals in Houston, primarily.

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