It’s not always easy to be so dependent on another company for yours to succeed. It’s equally as difficult to find a partner that is dependable and can be trusted—fuel suppliers included. Our industry has managed to develop a repute as fraudulent and price-gauging.

This article may have our competitors fuming, but we’re not trying to help them out; we want to debunk the industry’s riddles and mysteries and make you an educated buyer. So why are honest wholesale fuel buyers getting burned?


The wholesale fuel industry is complicated. Our goal is to simplify the process for you. So, educating you in pricing based on a third-party, industry standard only makes perfect sense. The only way to make certain that you are purchasing fuel at a reasonable and fair rate is to use a fuel industry pricing benchmark, such as OPIS.


There’s too much riding on a large fuel order to not get it correct. That’s why don’t triple check your order and simply don’t confirm with a nod or handshake. The Noil team will ensure that you receive your quote and contract in writing so you can easily see and confirm the cost of each piece of the fuel purchasing and delivery service—from freight and taxes to fuel price and any discounts that are applied.


There’s nothing less connected than technology and the wholesale fuel industry. There’s nothing sneakier than concealing practices and taking advantage of less tech-wise customers who trust you. These buyers who are stuck in the old way of purchasing bulk fuel are most susceptible. This is exactly why our new app is going to change the game!

At Noil Corp Inc., transparency is one of our highest priorities and we’re here to revive the faith in our industry.