Fuel contracts are not necessarily a perfect fit for all companies but, often, it’s worth consideration.

It makes absolute sense for some organizations; FBO’s, trucking companies, municipalities and government, marine and waste management companies. These industries need a consistent and reliable supply–essentially, fuel on demand and your volume is set aside for you.

This may not be critical for your business, but there are quite a few additional benefits that might make a fuel contract ideal.

Price Consistency

You’ll pay a fixed price, for a set amount of time, uninfluenced by market factors. Effectively protecting your organization from volatile market ups and downs and the uncertainty they cause.


“What,” you say, “there are times when fuel is costlier than others, that’s just the way it is.” Think again. With our contract, you’ll be able to calculate your fuel budget, precisely.

Stress Free

It’s not your expertise. Why spend valuable time tracking fuel prices and getting multiple quotes? Spend less time managing fuel expenses and orders. That way, you’re always getting a competitive price.