Chicago, Illinois, United States –  Noil Corp Inc. continues to lead the pack for customer service in the, often labeled archaic, petroleum industry. How is a company able to offer their customers fuel prices 20-50 cents/gallon less than the average price at the pump and still provide world-class customer service?

Pamela Miller, President and CEO at Summit Global Strategies Ltd., thinks she has the answer, “Noil Corp Inc. is an exceptional combination of experience, skill, service excellence and reliability offered by genuinely nice, pleasant people. This is rare in business and near unheard of in the petroleum products world.” she exclaims.

As an international consulting company specializing in business and market strategy, development, sustainability, and policy for US and international healthcare and energy clients in public, private and philanthropy sectors, Summit Global Strategies know all too well about synergy and communication. “The Principals of Noil Corp Inc. are very knowledgeable and take pride in working with clients and their representatives to achieve transactional success,” says Miller. “Noil executives work with buyers to acquire the desired product in the quantities and at the price that works.” she adds.

But what helps to curate this culture and facilitate such great moral and ethical business practices are the people, Miller articulates “It is a pleasure to do business with top-flight professionals who are also good people.”

Summit Global Strategies Ltd. And Noil Corp Inc. continue a solid, mutually beneficial partnership that seems less like a business transaction and more like problem-solving. “Rarely is a company so client and service oriented and so highly professional and reliable that it seems unfair to fail to inform the marketplace about one of its gems.” Miller praises Noil Corp Inc. for spearheading some of the most significant challenges in the petroleum industry head-on and hopes other players can learn by their examples.

About Noil Corp Inc.: As a national fuel allocator, with access to the largest fuel distribution networks in the United States, Noil’s vision and industry leadership fuels its provision of high energy products to its customers across the globe.

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