Pipeline And System Services

Magellan operates fractionators in Des Moines, Odessa, and El Paso capable of processing up to 9,500 barrels per day of transmix. With this capability, Magellan offers transmix processing and tolling services. Magellan safely processes and disposes of third-party tank bottoms and contact water at our water reclamation facility in Kansas City

Custom Products

Magellan’s Custom Products service allows a Supplier to customize a full slate of offerings to its customers for what happens “under the rack”. A Supplier can set up custom blends that show up as a single product grade on the BOL with custom wording, as well as their company logo.

Fuel Additive

Magellan provides a full slate of regulated additives such as IVD, TxLed, and Red Dye, while also providing specialty additives like Cold Flow Improver and proprietary additives and markers.

Renewable Fuels and System Storage

System Storage

MPL’s System Storage program allows customers to contract system storage for V, X, A, Q, and Y Grades. This volume is incremental to their “earned” maximum in the system.


Magellan offers site-specific ethanol storage and blending services at all of its refined products terminals in the MPL South, Central, and Mountain systems. Magellan is now offering E15 at all MPL terminals with the execution of an E15 Blending Agreement.


Magellan currently offers biodiesel services at 11 terminals. We are currently installing B2-B20 blending capabilities at our East Houston terminal, expected to be in-service 3Q 2019.


Magellan owns the longest refined petroleum products pipeline system in the country, with 9,700 miles of pipelines, 53 terminals, and approximately 45 million barrels of storage. Magellan also owns and operates 2,200 miles of crude oil pipeline. Magellan assets are well positioned to handle your mid-continent refined petroleum products business. We can tap into nearly 50% of the nation’s refining capacity, and we deliver into major demand hubs including Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Kansas City, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Little Rock, El Paso, Albuquerque, and Denver. We are also able to deliver into third party pipelines that serve Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago, Tucson, and Phoenix.

The Refined Products Pipelines & Terminals Commercial Team is responsible for addressing your business needs across all of Magellan’s refined products pipelines and connected terminals. Together with you, we move 1.4 million barrels per day through these assets. Our team is here to make sure we not only meet your day-to-day transportation needs, but that we also continue to grow and expand with you so that Magellan remains your preferred service provider.

MPL Central

The MPL Central system is a pipeline and terminal network serving an 11-state market area in the Midwest. It includes direct connections to ten midcontinent refineries, other interstate pipeline systems, and Gulf Coast supply access through the MPL South system and Explorer Pipeline. Delivery points on the system include 39 Magellan terminals, 16 third party terminals, four railroad depots and direct connections to the Kansas City, Omaha and Minneapolis/St. Paul airports.

Magellan services the Oklahoma City market via a 6 bay loading rack. Magellan’s Oklahoma City terminal has a total storage capacity of over 550,000 barrels and offers a full product slate including V, A, X, & E. The OKC terminal is centrally located and it had the 3rd highest throughput in the Magellan network in 2018.

MPL Central Highlights

  • MPL’s “Open Stock” system (no transit time) for V, X, and A Grades allow for instantaneous delivery of those products throughout the MPL Central system
  • Delivery capability into multiple Texas markets
  • Delivery capability into Explorer at Tulsa, providing access to St. Louis and Chicago markets
  • Little Rock has access to both Group and Gulf refiners

MPL South

The MPL South system is a pipeline and terminal network serving markets in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Mexico. It includes direct connections to multiple refinery origins along the Houston Ship Channel, as well as Texas City and Port Arthur. In addition, shippers can access the South system from nearly any Gulf Coast refinery via connections to marine storage facilities at Magellan Galena Park, MVP Terminalling and Kinder Morgan’s Pasadena terminal. Delivery points include eight MPL terminals, 10 third party terminals, three railroad depots and two airports (Dallas Love Field and Houston Hobby). New connectivity to Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport will be online 3Q 2019

MPL South Highlights

  • Four MPL terminals in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market area
  • Connections to multiple Gulf Coast and West Texas refineries
  • El Paso connection options to Albuquerque and two large railroad fueling depots in New Mexico
  • Receipt capability from multiple mid-continent refineries

We’re nearing completion on the first phase of a $1 billion expansion of the MPL South system. Phase 1 — coming online in 3Q ‘19 — will enhance our origin connectivity along the Gulf Coast and increase our northbound clearing capacity by over 50%. Phase 1 will also allow us to move jet fuel on the MPL South system into Central Texas and the midcontinent for the first time, as well as establish a new connection to Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Phase 2 — scheduled for completion in mid-2020 — will create 75,000 BPD of new capacity into the growing West Texas market. As part of Phase 2, we’ve also acquired land and are permitting a new terminal in Midland, Texas.

MPL Mountain

We offer two terminal options in the Denver market area — a 4 bay loading terminal in Aurora and our recently upgraded 4 bay loading terminal in Dupont. With a combined storage of over 1.7 million barrels, and access from all origins on the MPL system, MPL is an important presence in this growing market.

MPL MountAin Highlights
  • MPL Central connection provides mid-continent access to Rocky Mountain locations
  • Two terminals in the Denver market area
  • Recent terminal upgrades completed at Fountain and Rapid City
  • Expanded pipeline capacity now available to Fountain
Phase II of the Fountain terminal upgrades was completed in 4Q 2018. These upgrades included increased flow rates for A, X and E grades to the loading rack, a loading arm replacement, as well as upgraded drivers buildings.
The MPL Mountain system is a pipeline and terminal network serving markets in Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. It includes direct refinery connec-tions at El Dorado, KS, McPherson, KS, Commerce City, CO, Cheyenne, WY, and Newcastle, WY. In addition, through third party pipeline connections shippers have access to the MPL Mountain system from refineries in the Texas Panhandle, Casper, WY, Laurel, MT and Billings, MT. Delivery points on the system include eight MPL terminals, two third party terminals and a direct connection to Denver International Airport.